Ways to Deal with Low Back Pain

As the current trend of the world bends towards health consciousness, the focus is on exercise and proper dieting. The idea is to reverse the direction of people who are in the obese category. Unfortunately, along with being obese, a lot of people are also suffering from low back pain, which sometimes is due to being overweight. Low back pain is also associated with other issues such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and lupus. Low back pain has also been a leading factor in those who apply for social security disability. Subsequently, a lot of clinics and other health care agencies have come up with methods for low back pain treatment. These methods include various exercises, some electrical stimulation and sessions of physical therapy. Here are some of these methods.

One Method that is Used to Treat Low Back Pain

Patients that are looking for low back pain treatment may often start with something simple, such as heat and ice therapy. Heat therapy is used when the low back pain is coming from tension in the back. Hot water bottles, extremely warm baths, and electric heating pads are all part of the treatment used for heat therapy. Ice therapy is used when the pain in the back is due to inflammation. Ice packs or cold packs are used. Heat packs and ice packs can be used intermittently to treat lower back pain. It is important to ensure the skin is protected, whether using heat or ice.


Exercise as a Form to Treat Low Back Pain

A lot of exercises for low back pain treatment are done in accordance with a physical therapy program. Others can be done simply at home. Some exercises include various forms of stretching, especially those exercises which pertain to the lower back muscles. Examples of stretching exercises that are done are the McKenzie method and Dynamic Lumbar Stabilization.

Using Physical Therapy as the Prime Method to Treat Low Back Pain

The last form, and most often method of treating low back pain is through physical therapy. Physical therapy begins by the patient being assessed for the problems he or she has going on with their lower backs. Once an accurate picture has been painted of what the trouble is with the lower back, a training program is developed that can help the patient get restoration and healing of their back issues. A clinic that does physical therapy Denver, Colorado has these training programs available for patients. More information can be gathered by visiting the website at http://www.webmd.com/pain-management/tc/physical-therapy-topic-overview.